Folks, a great Big Bang summer is hotting up! The Big Bang Nobel Laureates are out in force – with a sense of urgency, it seems. There will be Big Bang celebrations all over the place, in multiple venues. They think they can save Big Bang this way.

I give you a little heads up.


The meetings this year are on all the scientific fields covered by the Nobel Prize. So it is surprising that a subfield of a subfield, Big Bang, is heavily represented here among the 65 Nobel Laureates attending:

Big Bang Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter
Big Bang Nobel Laureate Geroge Smoot
Big Bang Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt
Big Bang Nobel Laureate Robert Wilson
Big Bang-promoting Nobel Laureate David Gross

They will tell some 700 chosen talented young folks from around the world (gathered there to receive inspiration) that Big Bang is alive and well.


Here the Big Bang promotion is centered on:

Big Bang Nobel Laureate Adam Riess

The emphasis will be the garbage science of Big Bang Dark Energy.

There will also be:

Big Bang doyen Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg


Here the promotion campaign is centered on

Big Bang Nobel Laureate John Mather

He has been advertized once again this year as the AIP mascot for their summer intern program – an annual mascot custom introduced by the AIP CEO and Mather-backer Frederick Dylla. However, Dylla is a goner. Come June 1, he will be minus a job.

It would be interesting to see if the new CEO continues this single-minded feting of John Mather.

John Mather is not signed up thus far for the Lindau Nobel Meetings or the World Science Festival (both of which were his regular haunts.) Instead, he is signed up for a for-profit inspiration business called Congress of Future Science and Technlogy Leaders.

In the previous post I have told you about

Big Bang-promoting Nobel Laureate David Gross

It is a damn shame that these inappropriately created Big Bang Nobel Laureates are now sullying the very institution of the Nobel Prize. It is further shame that the young of the world are being corrupted under the Nobel Laureate umbrella. And the ultimate tragedy for our civilization is that the these young do not have a clue what is being done to them.



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