Folks, from time to time I have told you that Big Bang Cosmologists are very powerful people with very powerful friends . Did you think I meant this figuratively?

Whatever they might do to control a scientific critic whom they cannot silence with within-establishment thumbscrews, will be done with extreme covertness. Any message the “target” receives will have dual interpretation. One, a perfectly innocuous – if strange – event that is just a fluke occurrence. This is for the public. The other is a message only the target is meant to interpret for himself. When he does, he is supposed to be shaking in his boots in mortal fear. He is supposed to give up on his critic activities.

Let me make up just two imaginary scenarios of many I could make up.

– The target senses that a law firm specializing in civil litigation is thoroughly checking out his web site in a way that he cannot miss. What is he supposed to make of it?

Me, I would say this does not mean anything.

– A family member from the target’s old country writes a personal letter, addressed in ink, with the full correct address and crystal clear handwriting (as this person has done like clockwork for some forty years.) The letter is now “missent” to US Carrier Strike Group 11 on high seas. It is opened, and then scotch-taped. It eventually arrives with big red stamps marked on it. What is the target supposed to make of it?

Me, I would say this does not mean anything.


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