BIG BANG: Government-aided second and third order frauds…

Folks, the US Government is moving right along, vigorously pumping new money into Big Bang Cosmology. Your tax dollars at work.

A project to study the origins of the universe that is led, in part, by scientists at UC San Diego has won a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation, the school announced Thursday.
The funding to support the Simons Array, which will consist of three powerful telescopes in Chile’s Atacama desert, will pay for three years of observation and data analysis of the Big Bang, along with graduate student stipends, undergraduate research scholarships, travel and other operational expenses, according to UCSD.

And there are other Big Bang scams in various stages of development (DESI, WFIRST…). The following is a second order fraud in the making. The idea here is that since there exists such a pristine, picture perfect blackbody spectrum in the sky, let us now look for the minutest imperfactions in that spectrum to detail the early history of Big Bang (like studying that beauty spot on the perfect face of Cindy Crawford).

COBE’s measurement 25 years ago is “still the best, the gold standard,” said Jim Peebles, a physicist at Princeton University.
But more sensitive measurements should undoubtedly reveal small deviations from the blackbody curve that COBE measured. That’s because anything that injected energy into the universe after it was a few months old should have distorted this spectrum somewhat, said Alan Kogut, a physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.
“There’s a whole lot of things you can learn” from such distortions, he said.

So these folks are taking their own first-order fraud to be a valid and established scientific fact, and are looking to build on it with more millions of your dollars. In effect, they have cooked up the second order fraud.

Here is a statement about how very minute distortion in that perfect blackbody spectrum they would be looking for. Remember, the more minute variations you are looking to measure, the more perfect the existing blackbody spectrum has to be.

PIXIE will compare the CMB to a full-aperture blackbody calibrator to measure spectral distortions with sensitivity μ < 10-8 for the chemical potential and y < 2 x 10-9 for Compton distortions. Sensitivity at these levels opens a new window to the early universe, probing physical processes ranging from Big Bang cosmology to dark matter decay/annihilation to the nature of the first stars responsible for reionization.

As I have told you many times in many ways in many levels of scientific detail for the last eight years, there is no blackbody in the sky in any approximation, and the actual CMB power in the sky is orders of magnitude smaller than the 2.7 K blackbody power in that spectral region. This fact is known most of all to the very people who are proposing these new ventures to be build on the selfsame blackbody.

They are defrauding the taxpayers. The same way dead people continue to receive social security checks monthly, Big Bang is continuing to receive its social security checks on a regular basis.

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