MAINAU DECLARATION 2015: A grotesque joke

The Mainau Declaration is presented first, with reference numbers added. My commentary follows.

Mainau Declaration 2015 on Climate Change

We undersigned scientists, who have been awarded Nobel Prizes [1], have come to the shores of Lake Constance in southern Germany, to share insights with promising young researchers [2], who like us come from around the world. Nearly 60 years ago, here on Mainau, a similar gathering of Nobel Laureates in science issued a declaration of the dangers inherent in the newly found technology of nuclear weapons—a technology derived from advances in basic science. So far we have avoided nuclear war though the threat remains [3]. We believe that our world today faces another threat of comparable magnitude [4].

Successive generations of scientists have helped create a more and more prosperous world. This prosperity has come at the cost of a rapid rise in the consumption of the world’s resources. If left unchecked, our ever-increasing demand for food, water, and energy will eventually overwhelm the Earth’s ability to satisfy humanity’s needs, and will lead to wholesale human tragedy. Already, scientists who study Earth’s climate are observing the impact of human activity.

In response to the possibility of human-induced climate change, the United Nations established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to provide the world’s leaders a summary of the current state of relevant scientific knowledge. While by no means perfect, we believe that the efforts that have led to the current IPCC Fifth Assessment Report represent the best source of information regarding the present state of knowledge on climate change. We say this not as experts in the field of climate change, but rather as a diverse group of scientists [5] who have a deep respect for and understanding of the integrity of the scientific process [6].

Although there remains uncertainty as to the precise extent of climate change, the conclusions of the scientific community contained in the latest IPCC report are alarming, especially in the context of the identified risks of maintaining human prosperity in the face of greater than a 2°C rise in average global temperature. The report concludes that anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are the likely cause of the current global warming of the Earth. Predictions from the range of climate models indicate that this warming will very likely increase the Earth’s temperature over the coming century by more than 2°C above its pre-industrial level unless dramatic reductions are made in anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases over the coming decades.

Based on the IPCC assessment, the world must make rapid progress towards lowering current and future greenhouse gas emissions to minimize the substantial risks of climate change. We believe that the nations of the world must take the opportunity at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015 to take decisive action to limit future global emissions. This endeavor will require the cooperation of all nations, whether developed or developing, and must be sustained into the future in accord with updated scientific assessment.


[1] “We undersigned scientists” are some 36 signatories from a pool of some 65 scientists who might have signed. For whatever reasons, some 30 scientists from the pool did not sign. One dissenter was jeered away and made to appear to be a senile fool.

[2] “promising young researchers” – in what way does this expression add to the context? Who are they trying to impress? Basically they are saying: We mature gliterati and these junior glitterati have come together to give you hoi polloi a little of our priceless wisdom.

[3] What did the Mainau declaration of 60 years ago have to do with the world avoiding nuclear war thus far? There is no evidence it had any effect. While an individual scientist can have an impact with powers that be because of his moral authority and sincerity, collective representations by the elite are pretty much useless. It is creating history for the sake of the signatories.

[4] “threat of comparable magnitude” of nuclear war and climate change? This is like saying the war on terror and the war on poverty have comparable magnitudes. This is meaningless.

[5] “diverse group of scientists” – five out of the 36 signatories were there to promote Big Bang. Three of these five were the movers behind this declaration. They are the ones who were in visible evidence. These five are under a dark cloud (because of the exposition that their Nobel discoveries were a combination of sham, scam and fraud.) This declaration is a stratagem to distract attention from that fact. If instead of climate change the burning issue today were chemical pollution of Earth’s aquifers, that is the cause this coterie would have jumped on. They just needed some global bandwagon to get on, and fete themselves out of the jam.

Speaking of climate, one of the three movers is a cigarette-smoking-man.

[6] “integrity of the scientific process” – these five are absolutely the last people on this periled planet to speak of integrity of the scientific process.

One of the movers told blatant scientific lies at Lindau Nobel 2012 to the “promising young researchers” then, and never retracted it. He and the organizers of Lindau Nobel made a decision to let his lie stand. To the organizers, saving his face was more important than saving science.

And these very organizers are now going to save the world?! They are doing the same thing here – using the Lindau Nobel platform and the climate change stratagem to rescue sham Nobel Laureates.

Indeed, what the Big Bang Nobel Gang is doing very efficiently and very rapidly is cheapening the long-traditioned institution of the Nobel Prize.

Because of all these reasons, the Mainau Declaration 2015 should be seen as a grotesque joke.



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