OFF TOPIC: Citation Nobel Laureates!

I am taking a breather from a string of DIY projects to attend to this blog site after some time. But alas there’s nothing to comment on. There seems to have fallen a curtain of silence on Big Bang. Perhaps this is the expected fallout from the spectacular BICEP2 fiasco.

So I looked for interesting items in my old files I have been mercilessly cleaning out. But I made a scan of the following 23-year old photo before discarding it. It happens to be timely because the Nobel season is here.

A conference in Crete, Greece, on PHOTONIC BAND GAPS AND LOCALIZATION in 1992. There is a book of the same name, the conference proceedings. I am standing in the last row, third from left. See my paper here.
The Thomson Reuters Citation Nobel Laureates: Second row – seated from right – Sheldon Schultz, Eli Yablonovitch, Sajeev John.
Some other prominent physicists:
Last row, sixth from left, Alexei Maradudin. Second row – seated third from left – Morrel Cohen. There is supposed to be here the Dutch physicist Ad Lagendijk, but I cannot identify him.


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