First, note these two points:

(1). There is no 2.7 K Big Bang relic radiation in the sky. This is the clear scientific fact established by three satellites. This is not subject to debate, discussion, opinion etc.

(2). The theoretically predicted B-mode polarization from the inflation era is a signature imprinted on the theoretically predicted 2.7 K relic radiation.

Therefore, to hunt for B-mode polarization imprinted on the relic radiation today is exactly the same pursuit as to hunt for jabberwocky or the unicorn.

On October 6 Charles Bennett of Johns Hpokins University said that he is commencing a brand new and major search for B-mode polarization with an instrument far better than the BICEP2 class instruments. In the same report, he averred that the COBE Satellite relic radiation is very much there in the sky, and that everything Big Bang hinges on that radiation.

Long ago John Mather said that Bennett was his spiritual guru. Figures.

I am sorry that I cannot make a more in-depth post now, but the stark facts are there before you. Analyze them and come to your own conclusions.

Lord have mercy on us American taxpayers!



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