INDIAN LIGO SCIENTISTS: Doing monkey see, monkey do science

A while ago I criticized American physicist and Nobel Laureate David Gross for saying that Indian scientists are generally not of good quality. But he was right, and I was wrong.

Here is a list of scientists and bureaucrats and technocrats that lead the Indian LIGO effort.

They do not have any scientific expertise in the field they are supposed to be experts in. Not a single one of these myriad scientists could tell that the LIGO discovery of gravitational wave was ludicrous.

Instead they followed the sahibs blindly. What the huzurs did, they did.

There is no evidence that a thorough and independent scientific assessment of the LIGO discovery took place within India befiore the Indian LIGO scientists pressed their Parliament and their Prime Minister to endorse the discovery. They have placed their own Prime Minister in a totally humiliating spot in the international arena, seen publicly endorsing a patently scam discovery with great linguistic flair.

This needs to be considered a serious act of professional irresponsibility against the nation and to be dealt with as such. People responsible need to be fired. Executive action is called for – swift, severe and absolute. Make an example once for all.

Otherwise this will happen again and again and again. Indian science will forever remain Huzur-Maa-Baap science.

UPDATE 03/30/2016

India-US to sign MoU for building LIGO project tomorrow

Also this:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet scientists from Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory(LIGO) in Washington D.C on Thursday.

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