LIGO: Physics establishment: 0, Cranks: 1

I have had time now to read up some on what people are saying about LIGO.

There is exactly zero skepticism, doubt or misgiving about the LIGO discovery within the academic physics establishment. There is universal and eager acceptance. Then there is sky-high glorying. You have but to look at the dance of the so-called science popularizers to see this. This floored me completely.

However, outside the establishment, among people the establishment describes as cranks and crackpots, I have come across some remarkable good thinking. This floored me completely.

As I have said before, the physics establishment has gone to seeds. They talk a good talk, act tough and blow hard, but there is nothing inside anymore. You know what I am speaking of? Lemon tree, very pretty…

Some good thinking remains on the outside. Like wild berries.

For a reasonably astute physicist, the LIGO discovery should not even have passed the gut test. It is the most ridiculous scientific construct I have seen in my lifetime. I would have described the LIGO scientists as the best examples of cranks and crackpots there are, but that’s not where it’s at. We are dealing with very clever, very dark fraud.

Here is just a representative smattering of what I have read on the Internet.


A detailed critical review of reported event GW150914 that LIGO/VIRGO collaboration announced as gravitational waves and black holes observation

Demetris Christopoulos


On 11 February 2016 the analysis of advanced LIGO event GW150914 was published and claimed to be the first direct observation for gravitational waves and black holes at the same time. At this more detailed review we read most of supporting papers and make remarks on both experimental and theoretical basis. First we show that time given from GPS is being treated as an absolute entity. Then we indicate why such a detection is a contradiction to the Principle of Equivalence. After we focus on the Numerical Relativity section, where we find that field equations cannot be solved numerically, unless they have been converted to either elliptic or hyperbolic form. That is achieved by using a very strict set of initial assumptions about the topology of ‘spacetime’ and by dividing it in 3+1 components. Software used for supporting main waveform templates is a black-box one without any information given about its basic characteristics, thus all presented numerical data cannot be checked. Scientific ethics in project LIGO is strongly violated by using the so called blind injection software and hardware procedures. As a result of the excess use of blind injections it is necessary an international independent scientific Committee to be established in order to check in depth the whole LIGO/VIRGO project and PRL as its official publisher journal. Question about what exactly happened on September 14, 2015 remains open.


There are two parts of the LIGO announcement. The first is the claim that gravitational waves were detected (which as we have seen is on rather shaky ground). The second is the claim that these waves were caused by a merger of distant black holes. The second claim is speculative, and is not well supported by the evidence.

The scientists had no direct evidence that the claimed signal came from a distant black hole. What they basically did is to do some calculations showing a hypothetical scenario by which a black hole merger might have produced the described signal. But that is not at all the same as showing that such a hypothetical scenario was the actual cause. Given a gravitational wave observation, there are always many possible ways of explaining it astronomically. We are reminded here of the BICEP2 affair, when scientists triumphantly claimed that the signals they detected came from the dawn of time. It was later shown that just such a signal could have been produced by dust. There was no way of even telling from which direction the LIGO signal was coming, so the scientists did nothing to show that the signal came from an exact spot in the sky where black holes are known to exist.

You would think that facts such as these would cause our scientists to be cautious. Science is supposed to require repeated observations, not one-shot wonders. But the scientific community has thrown caution to the wind in this matter. Based on a single rather questionable observational event, the scientific community has acted as if LIGO is proof of gravitational waves and proof of a black hole merger. The first claim is shaky, and the second claim is extremely shaky.


Lack of third-party environmental monitoring

The published paper mentioned that each observatory site is equipped with an array of sensors to monitor “environmental disturbances and their influence on the detectors”.
Nowhere is there any indication that any other sensors outside of the detector sites were consulted, even those operated by any of the many institutions that are part of the LIGO collaboration.

Gravitational wave angle limitations

The LIGO detectors were built to detect gravitational waves that travel perpendicular to them, stretching and compressing the lengths of their long L-shaped arms. However the time difference between the two signals was less than 7 milliseconds.
This means the waves would have had to travel more parallel to the detectors which would have made them significantly more difficult to detect.


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