LIGO scam and COBE fraud: In the same mind born

Rainer Weiss, MIT professor, LIGO and COBE Guru, and sure Nobel Prize bet for LIGO, conceived both the LIGO and COBE instruments. The general concepts for both were born in his mind.

COBE was the greatest science fraud perpetrated upon humanity. LIGO has now emerged to be a fraud. It is no less a fraud than COBE.

Here from Wikipedia:

(Rainer) Weiss brought two fields of fundamental physics research from birth to maturity:

characterization of the cosmic background radiation,and

interferometric gravitational wave observation.

He made pioneering measurements of the spectrum of the cosmic microwave background radiation, and then was co-founder and science advisor of the NASA COBE (microwave background) satellite. In 2006, with John C. Mather, he and the COBE team were received Gruber Prize in Cosmology.

Weiss also invented the interferometric gravitational wave detector, and co-founded the NSF LIGO (gravitational-wave detection) project.

And here – in a very recent interview – Weiss is accepting full responsibility for LIGO instrumentation:

THE KAVLI FOUNDATION: What does it feel like to have made this discovery? Rai, because you’re one of LIGO’s creators and someone who has pondered how to detect theses waves since the 1970s, let’s start with you.

RAI WEISS: You’re not going to like my answer—I feel like a monkey just jumped off my back! But the monkey’s not gone yet, he’s still walking along here on the sidewalk. We’ve got more to do. At least some of the guilty feelings that might have come from having dragged all these people along for decades hunting gravitational waves and maybe ruined their careers isn’t happening. So I am very pleased.


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