There is out today an interview with David Reitze, LIGO Executive Director and LIGO scientist. He is therefore the most authoritative spokesperson on the current stance at LIGO. The interview makes it absolutely clear that there is not a scintilla of doubt that LIGO detected gravitational wave. No ifs, ands or buts. It is onward and upward to the next fantabulous discovery.

So they ignore 100.00% everything the LIGO critics have said.

Reitze also pays homage to their spiritual guru Rainer Weiss. Truly, this inspired man has brought us not one, but two gigantic contibutions in one lifetime: COBE Satellite fraud, and now the LIGO fraud.

LIGO is now a fraud because of the repeated official averrals that the discovery is intact. Such averrals are costing Indian taxpayers real money right now – money that they would not have otherwise spent.

I don’t know where this adamant stance of maintaining the discovery comes from, but after reading the interview and some other stuff, I can make a guess. They are telling the Indians and the US Funding Agency officials that this LIGO vibration isolation system is the panacea against all evil (the critics).

The vibration isolation system – they say – blocks out every conceivable source of signal with the singular exception of gravitational waves.

This system is an extremely intricate mechanical/electromechanical contraption that is used to hang the LIGO mirror from the main structure. The idea is that when the structure vibrates for any reason (seismic tremor, manmade vibrations etc), the mirror does not move at all. The mirror remains stationary within one-thousandth the size of a proton with respect to the other similarly hung mirrors.


Refer to the figure. You can see the substantial metal masses that provide the inertia to the mirror.

When sudden electromagnetic disturbances are incident on LIGO, currents are induced in these metal structures. Since these masses sit in the Earth’s magnetic field, they vibrate mechanically. This is not an opinion, this is what actually happens. This is not subject to debate.

So the vibration isolation system itself vibrates.

But wait, there’s more.

There is the issue of LIGO instrument response. The instrument response causes the shape of a waveform incident on LIGO to be altered when it appears at the LIGO output. Nothing is known about the response of such a mechanical Rube Golberg contraption. That being the case, one should and must ask:

Is the chirp and the ringing in the signal observed by LIGO introduceed by the LIGO instrument itself?

If the LIGO scientists have not studied this thoroughly, why not? How can they even open their mouth if they have not done the crucial homework?


And lastly, there is the issue of the same signal being observed simultaneously at two stations. This is said to be proof that the source is global. But global does not mean cosmological global. It means planetary global. If it were cosmological global, the two signals would have exactly the same amplitude and shape. LIGO people cannot on one hand aver that their instrument is perfect to the tune of detecting a movement of one-thousandth of the size of a proton, and on the other hand handwave to explain this stark imperfection in signal amplitudes and shapes. This is both a scientific and an engineering contradiction.

Why are the amplitudes and shapes different for two detectors that are otherwise being claimed to be phenomenally perfect and exactly identical?

Actually, there is more than enough self-inconsistency in just the LIGO results presented to negate the entire discovery outright. The only thing the discovery has going for it is the bully platform. It did not work for the BICEP2 Flash Boys, and it is not going to work for the LIGO Glory Boys.

If you, reader, still believe the steady stream of authoritative averrals coming out of the LIGO camp, what else can I tell you? Wait, I do have this friend, a retired Nigerian Army General. He has 5 billion US dollars, and needs a person with a US bank account to clear this. He is willing to give you a 15% commission if you let him use your bank account.

This is actually not that much of a joke. American LIGO scientists are in fact offloading an enormous quantity of garbage on India – several kilometers of precision-machined shiny stainless steel tubing for which no one has any use. It would be extremely embarrassing for the LIGO scientists to get stuck with this stock, a kind of a bridge-to-nowhere deal. So let’s quickly transfer this to the Indians – they don’t have a clue. Now who is the Nigerian General here, and who is the sucker?


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