Absurdity of Modern Physics: LIGO Gravitational Wave Detection as Ill-posed Problem

We understand that an expansion-contraction of the Earth of the size of an atom nucleus diameter as an effect of a “ripple in the fabric of space-time” was detected during 0.25 seconds, and from this observation the conclusion is drawn by computer simulations and modelling that this extremely minute effect as a “ripple in the fabric of space-time”, was the result of a very specific extremely gigantic invisible explosion 1.3 billion light years away shining brighter than all stars in all galaxies for 0.25 seconds in the form of gravitational waves.

We see a combination of a biggest possible cause/input and a smallest possible effect/output in a certain mathematical model. The conclusion comes from using this mathematical model in inverse form, where a smallest possible signal is used to identify a biggest possible origin of the signal.

This means that the mathematical model in inverse form is extremely ill-posed and as such cannot be used to draw conclusions. To do so requires that all alternative explanations of the zero signal can be eliminated, and it is then not enough to just say that no other explanation immediately suggest themselves, that is to draw conclusions from ignorance with the precision of the conclusions increasing as the ignorance or stupidity grows.

Claes Johnson,
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Stockholm, Sweden



Does a “Fraudulent Joke” stand behind the Discovery of Gravitational Waves?

Second, the data are interpreted as a length change in the 4 kilometers long detector arms, functionally enlarged by a factor of more than ten through back and forth reflections. The measured length change then is less than one ten-thousandth of the diameter of a proton – more than 24 orders of magnitude below the 4 kilometers of the instrument. This unprecedented sensitivity means also that no physical effect has ever been excluded to a higher accuracy! If the observed minute length change was real, gravity waves would be a million times weaker than originally anticipated by Joseph Weber whom I once met. Never has a tinier result been presented as a discovery.

Otto E. Rössler
University of Tuebingen
Tuebingen, Germany



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