INDIA: Ligo a-go-go

Here is a news report from the Press Trust of India this morning that the final site selection for LIGO-India is near. This information comes from an Indian government source.

This report has been carried in a couple of business news outlets, showing the significance of this decision far outside of the scientific sphere. Just common sense tells us that as soon as the final site is announced, there will be great real estate speculation.

This wll be an eight km LIGO.

The other matter that the Indian media has been abuzz with is that 37 Indian LIGO scientists will receive $2000 each of the Yuri Milner Breakthrough Prize for LIGO. In fact the Indian Prime Minister has personally twitted congratulations to these scientists for this recognition of their “exceptional scientic achievement.”

It is clear that this Prize has had the effect of a reassuring scientific imprimatur, in case there were any second thoughts. It is now All Systems Go.

In the sequence of the gigantic scams


this is the first time that another nation and its citizens at large are to be impacted by the rampant culture of organized scam science in America. It is a culture of creating great mythical heroes out of a few clever people at the expense of the nation’s greatness. Now this culture is either being exported or has become infectious.

But the Indian scientists are moving this forward with great deliberation, with their eyes wide open. So the Indian society has only their own to hold responsible. If you are self-destructive even in the face of beneficial guidance, no one can help you.


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