The Indian LIGO scientists are going great guns with their project. It is now all systems go.

It seems that these scientists think that all these prizes for LIGO coming out the wazoo have successivley strengthened their position. It seems that the second LIGO discovery just reported has made that reassurance doubly sure. Now they are ready to push the launch button.

It is of course no skin off my nose. If people want to shoot themselves in the foot, you can tell them once that this is not such a good idea. If they still want to do it, let’em.

In such cases I fall back on the old adage: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.

But I do feel bad that I was not able to protect the good citizens of that great nation from their own scientists and their own government, and from our own LIGO scammers.

Lord have mercy!


Jayant Vishnu Narlikar – a fine Indian scientist (a theoretical cosmologist) who deserves a fine legacy – has emerged to be a spiritual leader of Indian LIGO. He has also been an ardent lifelong critic of Big Bang Cosmology, a field I exposed to have been constructed on faulty instrumentation and scammed reports of discoveries therefrom. When I was an undergraduate student in Calcutta he suddenly burst upon the Indian scene as a great discoverer (in regard to his work with Fred Hoyle on supernova creation field and gravitation field.) I remember making an effort to go the venue where he gave a captivating lecture. He was young, handsome and charismatic. He made a great impression on my young mind just as I was considering taking up astronomy and astrophysics. Later, around about 1974 when he visited La Jolla, he and his family graciously accepted the invitation to come to our cramped campus quarters for dinner. We felt honored and graced. I certainly hope that his role in Indian LIGO will not tarnish his main legacy.


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