LIGO SCAMBOOK: Conclusions

Excerpts from the current book draft:

To summarize Chapter 4:

CONCLUSION 1: When LIGO reports an observed waveform at the output, there is no way to tell what input waveform this corresponds to. This is the end of the line for LIGO as an instrument of scientific discovery. Kip Thorne’s slipping in of a custom-tailored desired waveform in place of the unknown waveform is a shell game.

CONCLUSION 2: Where there was conducted a controlled experiment with a known input waveform and a corresponding known output waveform, the crucial proof-of-concept waveform comparison was not reported.

CONCLUSION 3: LIGO most definitely did not observe gravitational wave also because the signal it saw was attenuated, substantially and with clear scientific significance, in making its journey’s leg from Washington to Louisiana.

To summarize Chapter 5:

CONCLUSION 4: Rainer Weiss the LIGO instrument pioneer knew from the beginning that LIGO needed protection from the geomagnetic environment. The completed LIGO instrument contains no such protection.

CONCLUSION 5: When the LIGO discovery was reported, only lip service was provided when it came to justifying why the signal was not due to the ubiquitous geomagnetic causes to which LIGO lay totally prone.

CONCLUSION 6: Absolutely no notice was taken of the role of the Earth’s static magnetic field on currents induced in the copious metallic components in LIGO’s innards.

CONCLUSION 7: Simultaneous observation of a signal at two distant stations is a necessary, but not a sufficient, criterion for a gravitational wave. Rainer Weiss argued that such a simultaneity reported by Joseph Weber in 1968 as a discovery of gravitational wave was due to geomagnetic causes.

And an excerpt on dissidents:

But why is it that different people find different things wrong with the same experiment. The answer is simple: When an apple is rotten to the core, you can find fault with its taste, its smell, its looks, its texture, its feel … etc. The LIGO discovery is likewise flawed to the core.


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