LINDAU NOBEL 2016: Fraud science and scam science

In keeping with their fine tradition, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in physics is once again helping entrench scam science and fraud science. They are doing so in front of the finest young talent they have selected from around the world. Clearly, the home countries of these young people, the host country Germany, the physics establishment worldwide, the Nobel Foundation whose name gives these meetings stature, and a host of other entities associated with this are all OK with this. These young people will then go unto the world and propagate the lies

This is the abyss of falsification they have dragged your scientific civilization down to. The world has never witnessed such corruption in such high places. They are degrading us all so cleverly that no one notices anymore that anything is amiss.

The past fraudsters are operating with impunity and are helping out new fraudsters. Past scammers are helping out the newbies.

LIGO discovery is a scam, and Smoot has the capacity to understand that scam. Yet he is helping entrench that scam. It makes sense because he is himself a part of Big Bang fraud.

Gravitational Waves, Merging Black Holes

The recent detection by a LIGO collaboration of gravitational waves from merging binary pair of 30-solar mass black holes is culmination of long efforts.
The trek taken by many individuals in the discovery of gravitational waves is quite stunning and this talk recounts the journey in finding those waves. Since the origin of the idea in the early twentieth century, Einstein predicted them first one hundred years ago in 1916 but that was confused and the theoretical and experimental blunders continued for some time. Efforts for their detection and subsequent discovery also have a long history and include similar confusions. However, we have great confidence in these new results, even though they provide a number of surprises. Most of all they are a stunning confirmation of General Relativity.

Big Bang is the greatest science fraud in human history – and Brian Schmidt is a part of it.

State of the Universe

13.8 Billion years ago, something happened – the Big Bang – which set in motion our expanding Universe. Through the systematic process of science, humanity has managed in a very short time to piece together a comprehensive story of our Universe. In 2016 the vital statistics of the universe – its composition, size, density, shape, and age – are known to remarkable accuracy. But the job is nowhere near done. In my lecture, I will discuss what we know, and what we don’t know about the Universe, and try to guess likely new areas for discovery in the years and decades to come.


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