LIGO FAQ with Bibhas De

Q: What did LIGO discover?
A: LIGO did not discover anything. To the extent that something actuated LIGO, it was most likely a geomagnetic disturbance.

Q: What about the phenomenal agreement with theoretical prediction?
A: There is no reason why the LIGO observed waveform should match the theoretical waveform, even if LIGO were observing that latter waveform.

Q: Then how would one determine that LIGO is observing gravitational wave?
A: One would have to determine the LIGO instrument transfer function. But it is indeterminate.

Q: So LIGO cannot be used to detect gravitational waves?
A: No.

Q: Did they try to find the instrument transfer function?
A: The closest they came is their calibration experiment. It was an abject failure. In the discovery paper they lied outright and said the instrument had been properly calibrated.

Q: You are saying the instrument was not even calibrated when the two grand discoveries were made?!
A: That is exactly what I am saying.

Q: Lord have mercy! OK, but the waveform observed by LIGO at least represented a geomagnetic waveform?
A: No. Because of their faulty laser-bounce technique, the waveform reported was a highly instrument-corrupted version of the incident signal. The observed waveform is practically useless for any purpose.

Q: And what about this business of teasing out signal from below the noise?
A: It amounts to going to great lengths to dig up a piece of grabage from underneath a pile of garbage.

Q: But the Breakthrough Prize, Shaw Prize, Gruber Prize and Kavli Prize awarding panel members, some of today’s most distinguished physicists, have declared this discovery to be legit!
A: They don’t know which end of LIGO is up.

Q: But will these same people be able to carry the prizegiving momentum right to the Nobel Prize?
A: I would not bet against it.

Q: Why is it that the entire physics establishment – to the last man – supports LIGO while the dissidents are all outside the establishment?
A: Good question.

Q: So what did the American taxpayers get for their billion+ dollars?
A: Sixteen kilometers of stainless steel pipeline.

Q: And what will the Indians get for their tax money?
A: Eight kilometers of stainless steel pipeline.

Q: Where can we read more about this?
A: Wait for my book Unchallenged Privilege due out very soon.




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