This book is being published after nearly six months of my posting the scientific analysis now in the book on my Internet blog site The Dreamheron Chronicles ( During this period the LIGO discovery has been forcefully and urgently installed worldwide, with one confirming follow-up discovery and a barrage of scientific “idea” papers that continue to build on and bolster those discoveries. There has arisen a global stratagem to resurrect Big Bang Cosmology on LIGO’s back – the cosmology that I thought I had laid to rest. Prize givers have been falling over each other to anoint LIGO. Taxpayer moneys have continued to flow apace to the LIGO cause both in the US and in India. These developments solidified my resolve to create a comprehensive physical document (and not just isolated electronic posts). Hence this book.

As was the case with my previous book The Falsifiers of the Universe (2015), this book too is an investigative report – to be distinguished from a scientific critique. The language of the book is direct and unsparing. As with my previous book I do not address esoteric mathematics or highfalutin theory. Instead I simply take my do-it-yourselfer’s toolbox to the experimental contraption that installed the discovery.

The title of this book derives from the famous statement of Noam Chomsky: Moral cowardice and intellectual corruption are the natural concomitants of unchallenged privilege.

The part about intellectual corruption is obvious in the present context. But where is moral cowardice?

Those who seek scientific glory but do not want to try to get there the honest way, and instead form a powerful and well-backed collective within which they can scam together with impunity are, in my view, cowards of a kind. For true science requires true moral courage: courage to negotiate enervating failures, courage to own up to mistakes, courage to entertain self-doubt, and courage to pick up again and begin again. People in the latter category, the working stiffs of science, seldom achieve fame and fortune. People in the former category, the glory hounds of science, readily do. And when they are exposed beyond repair, the same groups that once backed them now actively cover up for them. The media which once promoted them to high heaven now simply goes mum. If this is not collective moral cowardice and societal rot, what is?



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