Should physics Ph.D. require mandatory course in Ethics?

I understand that Ethichs is taught today as a part of the curriculum in medical and business schools. Likewise, should a Ph. D. degree in physics (and in fact in all science and technology fields) require mandatory coursework in Ethics?

Medical practitioners take the Hippocratic Oath which goes back to an ancient Latin phrase:

Primum non nocere (First of all, do no harm)

Should all physics practitioners from here on likewise take the Ligonautic Oath

Primum non scammare (First of all, do no scam)

Considering the rampant, epidemic and endemic scamming within the physics establishment that has been going on for nearly half a century (with the young generations following suit), I think that this may not be such a bad idea. Just look at the thousand scamming Ligonauts with zero remorse and no accepting of responsibility! They certainly deserve the oath to be named after them.

In business schools, Ethics is taught by way of studying the great scams (Bernie Maddoff, Ken Lay etc.) Likewise, use the following textbooks to design an Ethics course for Physics:


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