Earlier I have told you how the National Science Foundation is prioritizing for funding Big Bang and String Theory:

The Astrophysics and Cosmology Theory program supports proposals that primarily are involved with theoretical particle astrophysics and big-bang cosmology as well as more speculative string theory-inspired cosmologies.

Now the Decadal Survey leaders are plugging LIGO and highlighting this area for funding priority:

The committee also praised the US-based LIGO experiment for its ground-breaking detection of gravitational waves, ripples in space-time shaken off when massive objects accelerate, earlier this year.

“It’s a technical coup, but it’s not only that,” Hewitt says. “It’s a new tool to study the universe. There’s a whole relativistic universe out there that we haven’t studied yet.”

So the scientific future of this nation will be shaped by the philosophy of the Big Bang fraud, the LIGO scam and the String Theory weirdorama.

And as this manmade decline of the great nation proceeds, no one – but no one – makes any objections. This is how it was in the declining days of Rome.

But folks, the prospect is not all gloomy. I just stumbled upon something that the LIGO dissidents will appreciate. Check this out.


Kein Nobelpreis 2016 für Entdeckung von Gravitationswellen

Trotz seiner sensationellen Bedeutung kann der direkte Nachweis von Gravitationswellen in diesem Jahr noch nicht mit dem Physik-Nobelpreis ausgezeichnet werden.

DPA | 13.02.2016

Dazu hätten die US-Forscher ihre Erkenntnisse über die im vergangenen Herbst gemachte Entdeckung schon eher publizieren müssen, erklärt ein Sprecher der schwedischen Jury. Am 31. Januar endete die Nominierungsfrist. Ohnehin werden Entdeckungen aber oft erst Jahre oder Jahrzehnte nach dem wissenschaftlichen Durchbruch gewürdigt. So wollen die Juroren Fehlgriffe vermeiden. …



No Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravitational waves in 2016

Despite the sensational discovery of gravitational waves, there will be no Nobel Prize this year. According to a spokesperson of the “Swedish Jury”, the discovery had to be published before the deadline of 31 January (2016) to be considered for 2016. Generally an award is made years or decades after a discovery. This is to ensure that the Jury does not make a mistake.


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