LIGO: The German questions

German LIGO dissident Professor Wolfgang Engelhardt had put three questions to a German Ligonaut. The questions were not answered. The same questions were then asked again under the German Freedom of Information act. The questions were not answered. The matter is now being taken to the German administrative court.

It appears that not much notice was taken of these events. The scientific media which promotes the LIGO fraud of course will not report this. But the world needs to understand that those are damn serious questions that effectively laid bare the blatant fraud against the taxpayers of multiple nations. For this reason, I am restating those questions in simple language:

(1). That doggone LIGO instrument was not even calibrated when the alleged discovery was made. Who are you scammin’ man?

(2). A bogus experiment from way back when was dusted and palmed off as the purported calibration. It did not even apply to the LIGO discovery. What kind of recycling con are you runnin’ dude?

(3). Are youse guys fixin’ to calibrate the instrument at least after-the-fact? Or are you hopin’ to clean get away with this daylight bank robbery?

NOW you can see why cat got their tongue!


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