LIGO: Towards zero

After a hiatus I am taking stock of ongoing events. The first thing I note is the prediction by Thomson-Reuters that the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics will go to LIGO. It is all over the news. This prediction already makes Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss ‘Citation Laureates’. Whether they will also become Nobel Laureates and walk right into the pages of history we will know in the first week of October.

I will just remind readers that some half a dozen fully credentialed scientists have voiced reasoned reservations about the LIGO discoveries. I have mentioned some of these in my LIGO SCAM BOOK.

The representations include two that were addressed and sent directly to the Physics Nobel Committee for 2016. The first one was that by Professor Wolfgang Engelhardt. The second one, by Professor Demetris Christopoulos, is here:

Letter to the Nobel Committee on LIGO claims for gravitational waves detections GW150914 and GW151226


Scientific ethics in project LIGO is strongly violated by using the so called blind injection software and hardware procedures. As a result of the excess use of blind injections it is necessary an international independent scientific Committee to be established in order to check in depth the whole LIGO/VIRGO project and PRL as its official publisher journal in order to find what exactly happened on September 14 and December 26, 2015. By analyzing more than 50K log files from Livingston (L1) and Hanford (H1) laboratories we found that injections have a maximum density close to 2015-09-14 (‘time zero’), lost lock of interferometer (IFO) is also distributed in time by a similar way, several unknown reasons for lockloss have been reported while IFO is found to present extreme instability at time zero and earthquakes seem to be active that date while one of them managed to bypass the lockloss system. Commissioners had the privilege to perform injections without any prior notification to the ‘scientists on board’. After performing proper Inflection Point Analysis of times, it seems that close to Sep 14, 2015 almost all possible causes of external and internal noise are present and serious malfunctions appear. Credibility of L1 and H1 laboratories is highly questionable and they cannot be treated as observatories by no means, unless if they stop performing hardware injections. Since no progress has been done towards that task, Nobel Committee is kindly requested to protect its reputation and do not award a most probably detection of a self coherently hardware injected signal.


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