The LIGO instrument has been universally promoted as the marvelous invention of the instrument ubergenius Rainer Weiss. What LIGO actually is can be described by paraphrasing Shakespeare:

It is a tool built by an idiot – full of bells and whistles – signifying nothing.

Here are the encapsulated conclusions reached from the scientific and engineering investigation of the LIGO instrument in my LIGO SCAMBOOK:

CONCLUSION 1: When LIGO reports a waveform at its output, there is no way to tell what the corresponding input waveform is that was incident on the instrument from the sky. The latter waveform is in fact indeterminate. This is the end of the line for LIGO as an instrument of scientific discovery. But this feature of LIGO has been kept hidden, and then taken advantage of by slipping in a custom-tailored waveform in place of the unknown incident waveform. This is a veritable scientific shell game.

CONCLUSION 2: Where there was conducted a controlled experiment with a known input waveform and a corresponding known output waveform, the crucial proof-of-concept waveform comparison was not reported publicly. Thus “inculpatory evidence” may have been suppressed.

CONCLUSION 3: Neither the above experiment nor any other experiments reported provided any support for the assertion that LIGO measures movements down to a level of 1/10,000-th the diameter of a proton. This is a fiction on which the discovery rests. LIGO functioned as an uncalibrated instrument when the two discoveries were reportedly made.

CONCLUSION 4: LIGO has a continuum of states of actuation, from single end-mirror vibration to both end-mirrors vibration and everything in between. The observed output waveform does not tell us anything about the state of actuation. Thus the instrument remains uncharacterized and uncharacterizable in this regard as well. There is no way to tell that the state actuation corresponds to a gravitational wave (both end mirrors in coordinated vibration) other than wishful thinking.

CONCLUSION 5: LIGO most definitely did not observe gravitational wave also because the signal it saw was attenuated in traveling from Washington to Louisiana. Gravitational waves do not attenuate like this. This diminution of amplitude is greater than can be explained away by detectors’ relative geometric orientation. Additionally, this orientation-related diminution has been misestimated because of lack of knowledge of the antenna pattern. This pattern also is indeterminate, making LIGO worthless yet once again as a gravitational wave observatory.

CONCLUSION 6: Conclusions 1-4 are all redundant, considering that the LIGO waveform-measurement instrumental procedure has been greatly botched. The LIGO output waveform is not “on the sky”. It a highly corrupted form of whatever signal was incident on LIGO. The two signals can bear no resemblance, given how LIGO functions. In plain language, LIGO waveforms are unsalvageable.

CONCLUSION 7 (Tentative): When the two LIGO arms are much smaller than the wavelength of a gravitational wave, they cannot detect a differential length change in the orthogonal arms when the wave passes by.

CONCLUSION 8: Rainer Weiss the LIGO instrument pioneer knew from the beginning that LIGO needed to be shielded from the geomagnetic environment. The completed LIGO instrument contains no such shielding.

CONCLUSION 9: When the LIGO discovery was reported, only lip service was paid when it came to justifying why the signal was not due to the ubiquitous geomagnetic causes to which LIGO lay fully prone.

CONCLUSION 10: Absolutely no notice was taken of the forces on LIGO test masses arising from the effect of the Earth’s static magnetic field on geomagnetic currents induced in the copious metal structures inside the LIGO tubes. This is a gargantuan botch-up job by a billion-dollar, thousand-man, decades-long project.

CONCLUSION 11: Simultaneous observation of a signal at two distant stations is a necessary but not a sufficient criterion for a gravitational wave. Rainer Weiss argued that such a simultaneity reported by Joseph Weber in 1969 as a possible discovery of gravitational wave was due to geomagnetic causes. The same is true for LIGO.


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