INDIA LIGO: The Ship of Fools is under sail

Indian LIGO has made great strides. It has finalized the site selection process, and the Government of the State of Maharashtra has given them the plot of land they selected. Construction is expected to begin within a year. LIGO India is expected to be ready ~ 2025.

Committees and panels have been set up to run Indian LIGO. The scientific work has been divvied up among various institutions.

Fred Sahib (Frederick J. Raab of US LIGO) has visited India and traveled all over the place to spread good cheer. He was there during the trailing end of Indian summer.

The detector in storage in the US will be shipped to India when the latter is ready to receive it and when all licenses have been obtained.

Indian Ligonauts are so fired up that they say they are founding a new ethic among Indian scientists. I don’t know what was wrong with the old ethic. I don’t know what Indian scientists at large think about being thus shepherded en masse to Scamville by a new breed of whippersnappers in their midst.

In sum, Indian LIGO has moved from the planning stage to the execution stage. It is a now a stark presence on the Indian landscape. This process has been systematically and forcefully advanced in the face of strong scientific criticism of LIGO discoveries recorded in public, from multiple independent scientists with no axe to grind and nothing to gain. Indian Government officials have issued strong statements of suport of Indian LIGO as the criticisms grew.

I was interested to see that the scientific helmsman of Indian LIGO actually cut his scientific teeth on the American Big Bang cosmology fraud. Is it any wonder that he is spearheading in India the next American fraud? At the very least, if he worked all these years on a fraud science without realizing it was a fraud, if he did not acknowledge this fraud when it stood fully exposed and documented, if he still continued to work on that fraud, why should he be trusted to aver that LIGO is not a fraud?

While all this has happened, the Indian physics community has not lifted a finger to stop this whatever-it-is that is being conducted in their name.

Lord have mercy.


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