LIGO: Apocalypse here and now

A ‘culture’ of collective scamming of the world and the attendant defrauding of the citizenry in American physicsdom started in mid-1960s with the Penzias-Wilson black body discovery scam. At the same time, an establishment-media alliance began to grow to foster this activity. This movement took a life of its own, generation after generation carrying it forward. It has grown apace, sequentially giving us the grandest of scams in the history of the scientific civilzation:

The Penzias-Wilson Black Body Discovery Scam,

The COBE Black Body Fraud,

The WMAP Black Body Fraud cover up,

The Planck Black Body Fraud cover up (NATO-like European support for US),

The BICEP2 Big Bang Fraud,

The Planck-BICEP2 Big Bang Fraud cover up (NATO-like European support for US).

All these are described in my book The Falsifiers of the Universe.

With the LIGO Fraud the movement has achieved an explosive climax. We now have the apocalypse of the scientific civilization unfolding right before our very eyes, right now. The LIGO fraud is described in my book Unchallenged Privilege.

You have all witnessed this obscene campaign for the Nobel Prize by this establishment-media complex.

There was a clear published statement from Stockholm that LIGO was not technically qualified as a candiadate this year. Even so, the campaign was absolutely adamant: It must be this year. It has to be this year. It had better be this year. You better make it this year. Or else!

Nanny nanny nanny … ninner ninner ninner …

There was a clear statement from Stockholm that it will be years before LIGO will be considered for the Prize. And yet the obscene campaign for the 2017 Prize is already underway.

You have seen the obscenity of this establishment in piling upon this fraud discovery the Kavli Prize, the Shaw Prize, the Gruber Prize, the Breakthrough Prize, ….

No doubt you will soon see the national disgrace of the President of the United States being made to felicitating the scammers Kip Thorne and Raine Weiss (as Kavli Laureates) in the Oval Office.

You have seen the newest of colonial-crusading tactic: Indian Gunga Dins inducted into this grand perversion of the scientific civilization.

If you have any doubts about the delirious megalomania (befitting James Bond supervillain Number One seeking to dominate the world) of the leaders of this movement, just take a look at what a couple of them said just recently, when asked about the impending 2016 Nobel Prize award to them:

“I’m a historical figure.” – Kip Thorne

“It (the Nobel Prize) will fuck me up for a year.” – Rainer Weiss

Do not underestimate the apocalyptic nature of LIGO. Their leaders today love the smell of napalm (black-hole explosion) in the morning. They want nothing less than to scorch our scientific landscape, and then build their pleasure domes on it. Kubla Khan’s got nothing on them.

But there is a little hope for you yet. The handful of European dissidents are your only hope. Pray for your own sake that they keep up their work and not give up in despair. God bless these saviors of the civilization.

We are standing at a crossroads of the civilization.

If the dissidents prevail, the scientific civilization will be reclaimed here and now. We will chase the hombres malos to the sea. We will make a new beginning.

If the dissidents are subdued by the hombres malos, you the world are toast!


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