Rx: LIGO antidote for humankind

The LIGO scam is the worst offense in history against humankind by a group of intellectuals. It can and must be recognized as such.

What is far worse is that not a single voice of dissent arose from within the establishment – NOT A ONE! Whoever spoke promoted LIGO. I am speaking of academics pretending to be big time arbiters of science – deserving your trust and your respect. Next time you see one of their number tawkin’ purdee in the media, … well, I myself feel like puking, breaking my vomit-free streak.

The establishment’s hairy lapdogs in the media waged a tremendous worldwide promotional campaign, leading up to the uncouthly aggressive demand that a premature Nobel Prize must be awarded to the scammers. They saw this proposition as such a certainty that there started an infighting on whether a fourth candidate was being unfairly left out by a unwise Nobel Committee!

Some chest-thumping baboons in the physics establishment blogosphere were also going at it. A Southerner might colorfully say that they don’t know their axx from a hole in the ground.

And as if all this was not bizarre enough, there appeared a whole book extolling the LIGO geniuses – warts and all. The book became an instant hit, with ravest of rave reviews from individuals who might also be described in Southernspeak.

The only good science pertaining to LIGO is to be found outside the establishment. Here I have prepared a representative partial list for anyone willing to get started. These scientists have no axe to grind and nothing to gain. While the hombres malos have been paid a billion dollars to scam, nobody is paying the hombres buenos anything. They are trying to do right by that society which once trained them up to be beneficial scientists.

LIGO: Absurdity of Big Physics

Open Letter to the Nobel Committee for Physics 2016

Letter to the Nobel Committee on LIGO claims for gravitational waves detections GW150914 and GW151226

Am I the only one that is doubtful of LIGO’s detection of gravitational wave GW150914?

A Question raised on ResearchGate: Is LIGO guilty of Scientific Fraud?

LIGO Experiments Cannot Detect Gravitational Waves by Using Laser Michelson Interferometers

Unchallenged privilege: The billion-dollar trilateral gravitational-wave discovery scam


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