Does the world like do-gooding? Does the world want good done to it? Does the world like do-gooders?

Starting 2007 I have exposed a series of gigantic scam/fraud discoveries in the history of American science. My work stands documented as published books in plain evidence. And yet, there is not a single public acknowledgement anywhere that there is anything the matter with any of these discoveries.

Instead, the discoveries thrive and garner more and more public funds – and even get prioritized for funding.

This is possible only because there is no pressure of any kind on the scientists and the funding agencies to do right. There is a tacit operating assumption on their part that no one will hold them accountable.

And this has turned out to be the correct assumption so far.

To not be held accountable is one thing. To continue aggressively to build on scam science is another. This is what they are doing. And in this they are being aided and abetted by the scientific establishment, the government, the legislature, the media, and the big-money tycoon prizes.

The scientific establishment, I repeat. Why has there not emerged a single voice of righteousness from among them? There is more honor among the Mafia.

There are today a number of physicists/astrophysicists/cosmologists who have been given the Templeton Prize because of a special spiritual dimension to them. Now, exactly what part of spirituality allows one to look away from scam and fraud by their colleagues? Or are they just fake babas?

So the question is this: Does the world want my kind of do-gooding?

Or is it happy with beautiful scientists with beautiful minds and beautiful words dancing in public, displaying their wares and inspiring children to join the new utopia? Does this show get even more pleasurable when prominent Hollywood divas are rented to enhance it?

Is the world in fact uncomfortable when someone makes “trouble”, shouting that these are scammers and fraudsters? Does the world want the troublemaker in the audience to be removed by security guards, so that they can sit back and continue to enjoy the fine show?

Regardless of the answer, I will continue with my work because it satisfies me. Like many scientists from middle class background, I was raised by the society throughout my student career – through scholarships etc. Surely the society had then hoped that they were raising a beneficial future member. So I do what I can.

At least that way no one will stop me at the Hinduism’s equivalent of the Pearly Gates.


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