In the face of clear and documented scientific demonstration that the LIGO discovery was patently false, they are sending the LIGO Spokesperson to a major venue to very strongly reaffirm the discovery:

González in her lecture will describe: the detection of this distant cataclysm, the elegant instruments that were able to measure changes in distance a thousandth the diameter of a proton, and the window on the universe offered by the new field of gravitational-wave astronomy.

Given this official reaffirmation in the face of the scientific case against LIGO, I will now issue my graphic “The physics fraud pentad.” Meanwhile, guess which five!

In other news, the fraud discoverers Kip Thorne and Reiner Weiss will be feted in a star-studded celebration to be televised by National Geographic. See here.

As far as I can see, the ritual meeting of Kavli Laureates with the President in the Oval Office has not taken place yet for this year. If this meeting slips further, beyond January 20, we might see flashy photos of Thorne and Weiss proudly shaking hands with President Trump.

That way at least President Obama will be saved from the indignity of meeting with these two science frauds.

It also seems that there is a custom of the American Nobel Laureates meeting with the President in the White House. So the 2017 Physics Nobel Laureates Thorne and Weiss will be shaking hands with President Trump again next fall.


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