Post-truth physics is –

Where a 19000-strong physics group gives a science fraud great their highest honor;

Where a physics great enjoys decades of limelight and awards and adulation in eager anticipation of some impending great contribution (“Is it soup yet?”), is unable to make any contribution, and can offer only circumstantial soup:

… there are many circumstantial reasons to believe that String Theory and its elaboration in M-theory are closer to the truth about nature than our presently established theories. String/M-theory is too rich and its consistency is too delicate for its existence to be purely an accident.

Where a worthless piece of billion-dollar jalopy is described as an “elegant” scientific instrument, and the grandest of grand discoveries are made with it;

Where demands for an instant Nobel Prize are made for a bogus discovery, and when that prize does not come through, the Nobel-givers are berated:

The Nobel Prize is the most honored and prestigious award in the world, but lately I fear it has seemed more and more hidebound, and in danger of being strangled by its own rules.

Where academic physicists who make rich contributions to the society but presumably live a boiled-potatoes existence are given a fistful of dollars and treated to a brief taste of the good life in star-studded gala celebration with Hollywood divas;

Where outside-physics establishment scientists exposing patently wrong physics are studiedly ignored by the establishment and their henchmen in the funding agencies and the media, and the wrong physics is installed as the scientific truth;

Where the media which has promoted a certain discovery to high heaven largely keeps mum when the same discoverers are exposed to have committed financial malfeasance with millions of dollars of public funds;

Where pretentious physics popularizers write authoritative bestsellers (1, 2, …) to the universal acclaim of and rave reviews from the establishment, to make money while pushing garbage science (dark matter, dark energy, LIGO …) as fully installed science upon the world citizenry;

Where the physics establishment insulates its rampant chicanery from Internet dissidence whereas in the field of medical sciences such dissidence – even anonymous dissidence – has become an accepted mode of exposing within-establishment fraud, acknowledged as such by the courts (Fazlul Sarkar vs PubPeer)

So the next question is:

Who will drain this swamp?


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