LIGO: Rainer’s other caper

Following the LIGO discovery especially, the American media (with the help of the follow-along world media) has expended enormous effort in promoting Rainer Weiss as an ubergenius-inspirer – a kind of Leonardo da Vinci, MacGyver and Anthony Robbins – all rolled into one.

Rainer scams at the highest level of sophistry – intellectual sophistry that is. But once you lay bare his stratagem, you find that underneath it all are just some age-old, tried-and-true maxims of everyday scammers.

If you were amazed by the LIGO “The fix is in” Scam, wait till you hear about his COBE “Bait-and-switch” Scam!

Rainer ran LIGO and COBE more or less in the same time-frame. Here is a snippet from the Wikipedia article on him:

He made pioneering measurements of the spectrum of the cosmic microwave background radiation, and then was co-founder and science advisor of the NASA COBE (microwave background) satellite…

Weiss also invented the interferometric gravitational wave detector, and co-founded the NSF LIGO (gravitational-wave detection) project.

Both of these efforts couple challenges in instrument science with physics important to the understanding of the Universe.

The LIGO “The fix is in” Scam

In a preceding post I described how one aspect of the multi-layer LIGO fraud can be described as a “The fix is in” scam.

LIGO detects gravitational wave the same way a magician with an ace of clubs up his sleeve catches an ace of clubs out of thin air.

The COBE “Bait-and-switch” Scam

One aspect of the multi-layer COBE Satellite fraud can be described as the “Bait-and-switch” scam.

The COBE Satellite radiation-collecting device was a precision designed conical-shaped horn that tapered from a circular aperture at the front to a smaller circular aperture at the back. The exact shape of the taper was designed from considerations of ray optics and electromagnetic theory. The radiation entered the instrument through the front aperture and emerged from the back aperture in a concentrated form, and was then incident on the interferometer face.

This horn and its design principles were described in great detail in many publications – some before the launch of the satellite and some after the great discovery of the Big Bang relic black body spectrum. This horn is the one the world knows about, to this day.

Now here is the exposed secret that the world does not know because the physics establishment-media axis does not tell them. This horn that was described in the literature was not the horn that actually flew on the satellite. The latter horn was scientifically completely different – physics-wise, electromagnetic theory-wise and optics-wise. There is no record of any kind in the scientific literature of how this “discovery” horn was designed, and as far as we can tell, it was totally untested and uncharacterized when it shot off for the wide blue yonder. The only record of this horn is a photograph in the dusty COBE Satellite archives.

That photograph suggests that the back end of the horn (the bottom end in the photo) has tapered to a rectangular cross-section. The photo contains some glare that is placed intentionally or unintentionally just right to create confusion as to whether this cross-section is rectangular or circular. Here is the full resolution photo from NASA.

John Mather the COBE optics designer baited and switched, and the watchdog Rainer Weiss participated and approved. They deceived the world in a royal way. Scientifically speaking, this discovery horn was a piece of crap and the satellite experiment was an unqualified disaster.

Why did they do this bait-and-switch with COBE? It’s anybody’s guess.

LIGO was a decades-long, thousand-man, billion dollar NSF fraud.

COBE was a decades-long, thousand-man, half-a-billion dollar NASA fraud.

Remember it this way:


Q: What do you call a physicist who believes LIGO made a discovery?
A: A believer.
Q: What do you call a physicist who believes LIGO did not make a discovery?
A: A physicist.


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