LIGO: Instrument design philosophy

To this day there has not been any questioning of the LIGO discovery from within the mainstream physics community.

Internet criticisms of LIGO science can be divided into three categories:


– Questioning General Relativity;
– Questioning the existence or the properties of black holes;
– Questioning the existence or the properties of gravitational wave.


– Basic instrument “philosophy”;
– The execution of that philosophy;
– The functioning of the instrument;
– The instrument environment;
– Non-gravitational wave causes of simultaneous signals at two detectors;
– Non-gravitational wave causes of upchirp (increase in frequency with time of the signal).


– Questioning suspicious timings and coincidences and circumstances;
– Invoking sabotage, hacking, injecting of artificial signal etc;
– Conspiracy to report false discovery.

I have not been concerned with C, and I am not knowledgeable on A. So my own investigation concerns B.

While all criticisms have something useful to offer about one aspect or another of the LIGO science, in the end it all boils down to the fact that the instrument concept is inherently unsound at the very core, right off the bat. When this is realized, all other criticisms (including some of my own) become redundant.

So I want to rehash this point: The instrument “philosophy”. There are two clear reasons why this instrument should never have been developed.

The first one has been expressed succinctly by Professor Claes Johnson:

We see a combination of a biggest possible cause/input and a smallest possible effect/output in a certain mathematical model. The conclusion comes from using this mathematical model in inverse form, where a smallest possible signal is used to identify a biggest possible origin of the signal. This means that the mathematical model in inverse form is extremely ill-posed and as such cannot be used to draw conclusions.

What does an ill-posed mathematical problem mean in physics?

The first LIGO discovery saw the conversion of about three solar masses to gravitational wave energy. This energy was said to be near the high end of expected energy releases in the universe. The LIGO signal in this case was barely above the noise threshold.

The second event released about one solar mass and the signal was buried deep in the noise.

Recent improvement of about 25% in LIGO sensitivity was said to about all that can be done. This hardly changes anything.


Infinitely large explosions in the universe cause LIGO signals that are buried below the noise threshold or barely rise above it. This is the inherent nature of LIGO: An ill-posed physics problem.

Let E be the total energy released in a black holes merger (in Joules, say).

The total energy received by the LIGO “aperture” during the passage of the wavefront – which can be calculated from the strain signal observed – is infinitely small in comparison, as the Ligonauts have explained. Let us call this e (Joules).

So, for LIGO instrument design purposes,

e/E = 0.

This is true even if it is possible to write down an actual large number for E (e.g. 10**48 Joules) and an actual small number for e. Simply writing down a numerical value (ten to the power …) for what is essentially infinity, and one for what is essentially zero (in comparison) does not make infinity and zero tractable in instrument design.

By differentiating above equation:

Δe/ΔE = e/E = 0;

ΔE/Δe = E/e = ∞

Thus a measurement uncertainty Δe cannot be related to an uncertainty ΔE in the source.

So this is the imagery to carry in your mind: The sources release energies covering the whole expected range, but the needle of the LIGO meter remains stuck near the left in a grey-shaded band representing noise.

Conclusion: LIGO is not a proper scientific instrument.

The Ligonauts have tried deliberately to detract attention from the fact that they are dealing with infinity vis-a-vis zero, by plastering the world with fantastic but well-scripted stories about both the large end and the small end – making them each a finite concept.

On the source end the storyline is:

… this is the biggest explosion since Big Bang…

Since the (bogus) Big Bang explosion is something everyone knows to be hardcore reality, the black hole explosion is thus brought under the umbrella of quantitatively tractable phenomena.

On the detection end the storyline is:

… our technology is so advanced that we can measure displacements as small as 1/10,000-th of the proton diameter …

Since proton diameter is a known physics parameter, the zero is elevated to a finite, tractable context.

The Ligonauts are easily the most organized and the cleverest deceivers in the history of man. They have transformed today’s highly refined art of propaganda into a science. They can pass off total absurdity as an act of great genius.

The other instrument philosophy point is the invisible entanglement of the two mirrors. The two LIGO end mirrors are, by design, mechanically independent (isolated). They vibrate freely of each other. But when a gravitational wave passes through, the mirror motions become entangled. This is the effect of the gravitational wave, according to theory. This entanglement is what the LIGO instrument has to demonstrate as happening – first and foremost.

Instead, the Ligonauts assume in retrospect that the independent mirror motions must have suddenly changed to entangled mirror motion in the case of a ‘discovery’ wiggle. Some machine Manitou or Maxwell’s demon must have been sitting in there to synchronize the mirrors on cue at discovery time. This is ridiculous nonsense.

There is zero experimental evidence that the independent mirror motions suddenly experience an invisible – almost telepathic – entanglement at discovery time. This also means that there is zero experimental evidence that LIGO ever saw a gravitational wave.

Conclusion: LIGO is not a proper scientific instrument.

But now for a little levity. Just this last week Kip Thorne addressed a big conference in India. Here he escalated the linguistic bombast about LIGO. The title of his talk:

Exploring the universe with Gravitational Waves & Ultra precise technology

Ultra precise indeed!

Remember COBE’s 50 ppm accuracy and BICEP2’s seven sigma confidence level?

COBE and BICEP2 were worthless jalopies. So is LIGO.

Together they cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars. The Indian taxpayers are next in line to be led to the the American-style fleecing house that is being set up there.


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