All previous physics fraudsters scammed at a very high level of intellectual sophistry where they would have very few interlopers. But the Ligonauts have become so reckless that they scam at all levels. Let me show you how they scam at the most basic of basic levels where no one would even think to question their science (even though many could.) This concerns the LIGO India proposal submitted to the India Government by US and Indian Ligonauts.


When the present two LIGO stations (in Hanford WA and Livingston LA) observe a wave, the direction of the incoming wave can be generally placed somewhere on a circle in the sky:


The justification of the Indian LIGO is simple and straightforward: It will constitute a third station that would complete a triangular network base which will reduce the above circle to a point in the sky. This is high school geometry. Even so, let us lay the groundwork for our discussion.

There would be three LIGO stations:

STATION H: Hanford WA (USA) 46.5839° N, 119.3867° W

STATION L: Livingston LA (USA) 30.5021° N, 90.7479° W

STATION A: Aundh Maharashtra (India) 18.5580° N, 73.8075° E

Considering the surface normals to the Earth at the three stations, we see that a gravitation wave will make widely different incidence angles. This is not a good attribute of the network, given that nothing at all is known about the angular dependence of LIGO reception. However, as long as strong enough signals are recorded at all the stations to make a good determination of the signal arrival times, “triangulation” is still possible

So triangulation is the only benefit of the networking.

So how would the triangulation be done? Suppose the wave arrives at the stations as follows:

Hanford at tH (GMT)

Livingston at tL (GMT)

Aundh at tA (GMT)

and let:

ΔtLH = tH ~ tL

ΔtHA = tH ~ tA

ΔtAL = tA ~ tL.

These three differential times (delays between two stations) – which must all be non-zero – can now be used to pin down the direction of incoming waves. A single point can be placed on the sky for the source.

This is how simple and elegant the idea is!

Now for the scam.

Suppose that a wave arrives at such an angle that it passes simultaneously (or nearly so) through Hanford and Livingston. The three-station network is worthless, because ΔtLH = 0. Thus, the network can determine the direction of the source only within a circular band LH (of significant width) in the sky.

Look at it this way: Since tH = tL, the only way you can locate the source is by using ΔtHA and/or ΔtLA. So again you are reduced to having circles in the sky for the source location. Since there is a whole slew of such wave angles that hit Hanford and Livingston nearly simultaneously, and due to other uncertainties, the circular band has substantial width on the sky.

Likewise, there are two other bands HA and AL.

So, in going to a three-station network, there arise three bands covering a significant portion of the sky within which the source direction cannot be pinpointed.

Since these three bands are fixed to the Earth and not to the sky (i.e. the bands rotate with the Earth), the ability of the network to pinpoint a source depends on both where the source actually is on the sky, and when it is observed. So observability is further impeded.

But that is not all.

The response of LIGO for wide angle incidence (wide angle from the surface normal) has neither been determined nor been studied, and must, for now, be considered unknown (i.e. no useful signal for wide angle incidence.) This means that there are two very large patches (caps or inverted bowls) in the sky – roughly centered above the Arctic and Antarctica that are permanently outside LIGO’s view.

So you can see that much of the sky is not accessible to the three-station triangulation deal. On the whole LIGO India does not add a clear benefit. There was never any scientific justification for the Indian LIGO as an extension of US LIGO. A three-station LIGO is a Three-ring Circus in the sky.

But what about LIGO India as a stand-alone research station?

A concrete reason for stopping the project in this regard that any non-LIGO physicist will agree with – a reason sufficient by itself – is the fact that LIGO has no valid calibration procedure. A scientific instrument without a valid calibration procedure is like a measuring tape without any markings on it. What would you do with it?

Of course all of the above comments are redundant when one accepts that the LIGO instrument concept is fundamentally wrong at the level of its inception. But for those who do not wish to probe that deep, the above considerations are solid scientific grounds for concluding that India LIGO is not all it is cracked up to be. It has been tremendously overhyped – with purposeful deliberation.


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