Over the past few decades we have seen the American physics establishment launch wave upon wave of gigantic discoveries that are either intricate scam or diabolic fraud. We have seen these discoveries then installed as scientific truth with the help of the American media which rules the roost worldwide.

These discoveries have then found their way to children’s textbooks the world over. Documented scientific and engineering proof of the fraud offered in public has had no impact whatsoever on this triumphal “march” of science.

The American physics establishment has acted like a monolith in its support of this megatrend. Not a single voice of dissent on these fraudulent ventures has arisen in these few decades. Neither an Edward R. Murrow nor an Edward Snowden has come forward from within their midst.

That is because there is no good left in their midst.

And such is the real nature of the intellectual vanguard of our civilization today. This is an amorphous mass of pure evil.

It is time for just indignation in all good men. LIGO should not be seen as a yet one more roll-out of a new product from Physics Fraud USA Inc.

It is time to draw a line in the sand. It is time to draw the battle lines.

Mankind’s only hope here is the few ragtag dissidents. The seven samurai.

So LIGO dissidents, your job is not done. Humanity looks to you. Civilization looks to you. Goddess of Truth looks to you. You have been chosen for the task.

You have drawn your cerebral sword. Now finish the move. Perform a clean kesa giri.

NOTE ADDED 2/20/2017:

As soon as the next LIGO detection is rolled out, it will reveal more evidence. So stay vigilant!


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  1. Stephen J Crothers Says:

    Crothers, S.J., A Critical Analysis of LIGO’s Recent Detection of Gravitational Waves Caused by Merging Black Holes, Hadronic Journal, n.3, Vol. 39, 2016, pp.271-302

  2. Stephen J Crothers Says:

    Crothers, S.J., LIGO at the University of Queensland,

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