LIGO: The Aussies will do their own gravitation research, thank you!

There is a news item out on the visit to Australia by LIGO Executive Director David “Wedidit!” Reitze. He was there to push LIGO on the Australians.

Strangely, he is the one who is now being said to be guaranteed to win the Nobel Prize this year! What happened to LIGO pioneers Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss being a “shoo-in”, a “sure bet”, “slam dunk” for the prize?

Lord have mercy!

LIGO Nobel Prize, David Reitze
LIGO Nobel Prize, David Reitz

Reading this report between the lines, I conclude that both Australian scientists and their Government are saying that they will do their own gravitation research and develop their own detector. Unlike the Indian Ligonauts, the Aussies do not appear to be thrilled to be chosen by the Americans for the honor to receive the gift of LIGO. The Aussies seem to think that they are the co-equal of the Americans when it comes to science.

Way to go, Australia!



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