Get ready for the report of the next batch of detections. Here’s where LIGO stands:

As of March 23, 6 triggers, identified by online analysis using a loose false-alarm-rate threshold of one per month, have been identified and shared with astronomers who have signed memoranda of understanding with LIGO and Virgo for electromagnetic followup. A thorough investigation of the data and offline analysis are in progress; results will be shared when available.

And according to the following item, the report will come next month:

Professor Reitze said LIGO is five months into its second run and expects to make further announcements in a month or so about new observations.

From the Ligonauts’ point of view, much rides on this upcoming report, Nobel Prize not the least. Future funding of LIGO is also at stake, as is LIGO India. So there is tremendous pressure on them to come up with something most upbeat. This is a downright survival situation for them.

Now, here’s what the Ligonauts have told us about the essential characteristics of LIGO detections:

1. SIMULTANEOUS DETECTION: The waveform must be observed at both WA and LA stations to be a candidate.

2. TIME LAG: A lag in arrival times indicates the angle at which the wave is incident (i.e. the lag gives us the direction of the source.)

3. DIFFERENCE IN AMPLITUDES: There must be a difference in amplitudes because of the relative orientation of the two LIGO instruments (the surface normal to the Earth at the two stations point in different directions. And polarization-wise speaking, the arms are not parallel.)

4. ELECTROMAGNETIC SIGNATURE: We are told that binary black holes merger is unlikely to have EM signature; binary neutron stars merger is likely to have EM signature.

So look for adherence (or not) to the above clear definitions. Look for fancy footwork to pass off waveforms that do not meet the above definitions as detection of gravitational wave.

There have been six sets of simultaneous waveforms in four months. So for the first time, we have multiple cases on which to do some collective analysis.

If these are not gravitational waves, then simultaneous events (from whatever source) are a way of life with LIGO. So the criterion (1) above becomes very loose.

If the above simultaneous events have time lags, the the criterion (2) above becomes very loose.

If the above events have an amplitude difference, the criterion (3) above becomes very loose.

So look for how they explain away those events that they say are not due to gravitational wave.

CALIBRATION: Also, what have they done about calibration? Without a proper calibration (which they have not reported thus far), all these numbers (x billion years, y Msuns etc) are straight fiction – straight out of Interstellar.

WAVEFORMS BURIED IN NOISE: Watch out for their digging up stuff from deep underneath the noise hash and passing it off as grand discovery. Remember the whole point of this observation run is that they have improved the sensitivity to be able to detect these new waveforms. So these signals should all be above the noise threshold.

However, keep in mind this: Your discussion should not give the impression that you accept that LIGO could in principle detect gravitational wave!

You do not want to legitimize crap by the mere act of critiquing it!

LIGO is a piece of crap.

Here is the latest on the future plans for LIGO:

LIGO is roughly halfway through its second advanced science run. It will continue to monitor the universe until the end of August. The group will then take a year off to upgrade and increase the sensitivity of the detectors and begin again in late summer 2018.

It seems to me that this assures another year of job security for 1000 ligonauts, without facing any scrutiny or prying eyes. Only very recently, just prior to commencing the second observation run, they told us that they squeezed out as much sensitivity out of the LIGO lemon as they possibly could. No more was possible. So how is that just six months later, more squeezing is possible? I mean, what variety of lemon is this?

What will happen is that they will make radical changes and upgrade their way out of the jam they are in. Nothing will remain of the present LIGO that can be opened up for review. And so the present discovery cannot be questioned any more with the help of the instrument. This is exactly what the BICEP2 boys did. This is straight out of their secret operations manual, from the section:


Also, let us see if Pierre Meystre (The Physical Review Letters guy) publishes LIGO again! The guy just can’t seem to get enough of this stuff! He must be waiting with a stamp pad and a rubber stamp, and salivating.

Please stay vigilant and stay engaged. They are bastardizing our science and our civilization for personal fame and fortune. You are mankind’s only defense. This fact is in plain evidence.




  1. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the update Bibhas! It will be interesting to see if they show any real, oberservable and reproducible event (like an asymmetric neutron star rotation or binary neutron star system), or not…

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