Decline of civilizations is accompanied by rise of orgiastic bacchanalia among the privileged set. The tremendous activity around multiverse today is such a bacchanalia of the intellectual kind. In an ongoing debate on multiverse, the proponents have issued a letter signed by 33 prominent leaders of the physics establishment. I have no desire to lower myself into this sordid business except to point out how this entire enterprise rests on perpetuating a grand lie. Here is a key portion:

The remarkable fact is that, starting with the results of the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite in 1992, numerous experiments have confirmed that these predictions (along with several others too technical to discuss here) accurately describe our universe.

The entire multiverse enterprise rests on the identification at the core of the observed Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation as the theorized Big Bang relic blackbody radiation.

This identification is totally fraudulent. CMB has been conclusively proved to be NOT a blackbody radiation, sequentially by each one of the three satellites mentioned in this letter (COBE, WMAP, Planck). This proof came at the expense of billions of dollars from American and European taxpayers.

This proof – which essentially took away the punch bowl – was deep sixed so that the party could continue. The disproved false result that CMB is blackbody was perpetuated.

Therefore multiverse is not just a decadent bacchanalia; it is a total fraud. There is nothing here to debate.

Multiverse is beyond science fraud. It is a gigantic taxpayer fraud.

THE SIGNATORIES (asterisk comments added by me)::

Alan H. Guth #
David I. Kaiser
Andrei D. Linde #
Yasunori Nomura
Charles L. Bennett *+
J. Richard Bond
François Bouchet $
Sean Carroll
George Efstathiou $
Stephen Hawking *
Renata Kallosh
Eiichiro Komatsu
Lawrence Krauss *&
David H. Lyth
Juan Maldacena
John C. Mather *@
Hiranya Peiris
Malcolm Perry
Lisa Randall
Martin Rees
Misao Sasaki
Leonardo Senatore
Eva Silverstein
George F. Smoot III *@
Alexei Starobinsky #
Leonard Susskind
Michael S. Turner
Alexander Vilenkin
Steven Weinberg
Rainer Weiss *&
Frank Wilczek @
Edward Witten &
Matias Zaldarriaga

* Perpetrated or supported COBE Satellite fraud
# Financially benefited from BICEP2 fraud
+ Perpetrated WMAP Satellite spectrum cover up
$ Participated in Planck Satellite spectrum cover up
& Participated in or supported LIGO fraud
@ Nobel Prize for scam discovery


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