New European affirmation of LIGO discovery

We have a brand new LIGO bagholder! European Ligonaut Karsten Danzmann has just been awarded the Korber Prize, with a strong endorsement of the fraudulent discovery.

With this continuing buildup of awards and accolades, they are creating a crescendo leading up to the LIGO Nobel Prize this fall.

Meanwhile, faced with a 11% budget cut, NSF Director France Cordova has assured LIGO of her strong support in the coming year:

We will continue commissioning planned upgrades to the laser interferometer systems for the LIGO experiment, which discovered gravitational waves in 2015. These upgrades will allow improved sensitivity to cosmic phenomena at vast distances from Earth.

According to this single report in an obscure publication, LIGO is set to release some news tomorrow.

LIGO can no more detect gravitational waves than it can serve as a 8 km long dowsing rod. So any report of new detection will be a compounding of the fraud. It will reveal more evidence of the underlying fraud.

I am a little preoccupied at the moment, but will comment on any new discovery as soon as I can.


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