The LIGO third discovery is more of the same.

The question: What “same”?

They are saying that the same is discovery.

I am saying the same is fraud.

I will elaborate later.

Meanwhile, think for yourself using common sense. I don’t think I can reproduce the discovery diagram yet, but refer to Figure 4. You can enlarge it.

Look at it for a while and come back.


In this diagram, discount the orange curve altogether. I know a lot about waveform analysis. No scientific community worth its salt would ever allow a researcher to replace the actual wiggles with this orange curve in these circumstances (i.e., given the quality of the original wiggles). So the phenomenal agreement between the orange and the blue curve is just wily graphsmanship. It has zero scientific worth.

If you compare the blue curve with the original wiggles, there is hardly anything here to write home about. Just because ol’ Pierre is publishing this does not mean this is science. This is bulldung.


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