Is LIGO a Buy, Hold, or Sell?

Q: Is LIGO a Buy, Hold, or Sell?
A: It is now a Strong Sell.


The recent spate of European prizes to LIGO might have you believe that LIGO is shooting upward in a powered flight, about to reach the Nobel sky. These prizes include the German Lower Saxony Prize, the Einstein Medal, the European Physical Society Prize, the European Science Prize, and some kind of Spanish deal called the Princess of Asturias Prize. Upon such feting, anyone is bound to be bowled over.

But this is LIGO’s fake world. The truth lies elsewhere. As I said a long while ago, a test arena you might watch is India LIGO.


India LIGO received full and final approval from the Indian Government only days after LIGO first detection. Funds were obtained and earmarked for LIGO. Some of these funds were given over to LIGO for conducting preliminary surveys. LIGO site was finalized, and construction was about to begin. It only remained for the Government of India to release the bulk of the funds to LIGO.

At this stage, a hold was placed on these funds by the Government.

Now started the American pressurizing of the Indian Government to release these funds.

The American physics Nobelist David Gross (remember this cigarette-smoking environmentalist?) very publicly derided the Indian Government for holding up LIGO.

The Government did not budge.

High US LIGO officials went to India and told the Government to get on with the program or else.

The Government did not budge.

NSF director France Cordova made a statement wishing the Indian Government would get going on LIGO.

The Government did not budge.

The European LIGO prizes kept coming out the wazoo, in the strongest possible affirmation of the LIGO machine.

The Government did not budge.

The first LIGO discovery was confirmed for a second time (the third LIGO detection).

The Government did not budge.

This is where we stand today.


The first thing we now understand about India Government’s technocratic leadership is that they are nobody’s fools: neither the Indian Ligonauts’ , nor France Cordova’s. They are there to look after their nation’s interest.

And that is exactly what they are doing.

I believe that LIGO dissidence caused the technocrats to take a closer look at the whole issue, perhaps in collaboration with the greater Indian physics community (beyond the LIGO community). I believe they came to the conclusion that importing the US LIGO machine and installing it on Indian soil is not the right thing to do, scientifically speaking.

Whether the Indian Government wants it or not, their choice amounts to a scientific verdict on LIGO.

Italy and Japan take note.

The Indian Ligonauts are still engaging in their customary happy talk, but I do not believe that this is the Indian reality.

NOTE ADDED 06/22/2017:

Seeing that India is not budging, US LIGO officials tried to push LIGO on Australia a second time. Australia did not budge.


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