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LIGO India is dead in water

July 16, 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had pledged his personal support and patronage to LIGO India, and indeed, the project initially was moving at lightning speed uncharacteristic of Indian bureaucracy.

The Government of India has just issued the following statement to the effect that LIGO India will not get off the ground in the next three years.

Land acquisition to install the detector is now going on. Some land has been taken over. The rest will be completed. Unlike, the INO project, LIGO India is progressing. At this pace, commissioning the project is feasible in 2024. The ministry of environment and forest (MoEF) will not accept any proposal before the land is acquired and safety clearances are given. So, to have the land in hand, financial sanctions and other clearances from the ministry and the atomic energy regulatory board (AERB), it will take three years for the construction to begin.

This is a well-crafted cover story. Every Indian knows that if Prime Minister Modi still wanted to support LIGO (as he had promised – see picture above), the three years could be three weeks. Instead we have the invoking of the full lethargy of the bureaucracy full on. What is happening is that the Government wants to avoid making a scientific decision to shut down LIGO. So they are just kicking the can down the road.

A lot will happen in three years. The LIGO fraud will unravel. Even if the Ligonauts continue to maintain their grand lies by brute force, the world will see that year after year, the grandest discovery in history is not given the Nobel Prize. That is a message every single one of the 1.3 billion Indian citizens will understand. The Indian Ligonauts will not be able to hoodwink them anymore.

The Indian project may morph into some other kind of gravitational wave project, but it will not be a third US LIGO. That plan is dead – deader than a doornail.