I am not a citizen of India, and so that nation investing in fraud science is no skin off my nose. As a person of Indian origin, I tried to give the Indian scientific establishment some direction and inject some sense into them.

Now with the Nobel Prize, they have been fully empowered to proceed, and they are proceeding. Even more moneys than they originally asked for are being sought.

For me, the LIGO Nobel Prize changes absolutely nothing in my scientific position on LIGO. That position has been recorded for posterity. The LIGO instrument is a total piece of crap – good only for scrap metal.

And there will be no change in this position if there emerge reports of neutron star merger, with confirmatory electromagnetic signature. LIGO cannot detect gravitational wave any more than a dowsing rod can detect water.

So I will have nothing further to say on the subject of installation of LIGO in India.


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