Scientific fraud – especially fraud at the highest, most rarefied levels of physics – cannot be understood by public in general. The best they can do is listen to generalized expert opinions and decide who they can trust. However, it is usually the party at fault which controls what is communicated to the public. This is certainly the case with LIGO.

So I have long wondered how I can effectively explain the LIGO fraud to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. How can the trusting public understand the hanky-panky that goes on in the backrooms of the inviolate temple of learning?

I have watched some courtroom drama on TV. And it has occurred to me that this can be a very effective vehicle to adopt here. The award of the Nobel Prize for this fraud has now prompted me to compose such a drama.

Starting with the next post, I will relate a courtroom drama series on LIGO. This is completely imaginary. Although I will use real names of real people (in public life and/or on public payroll), the statements I will have them making are not statements they ever made. But these statements will be consistent with the public persona they have presented in promoting and installing the LIGO fraud.

Now for the setting:

The LIGO Organization has been sued in the civil court by a taxpayer group that calls themselves The Guardians of Civilization. This group seeks to make LIGO regurgitate the public funds and to have a judge direct their criminal prosecution by the Government for science fraud and taxpayer fraud. Remember the following names:

Assumpta Veritas, Attorney for the Plaintiffs
Vino Moscato, Attorney for the Defendants
Asha Solomon, Judge


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