LIGO: Neutron Star merger a total scam

Folks, there is no question that an astronomical event happened and multiple electromagnetic observatories observed this. There is no question that the role of LIGO in this is a total scam.

What I will do is make this the subject of the courtroom drama series. In the the next post, Attorney Assumpta Veritas will explain everything to you in clear terms. So hang in there!


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2 Responses to “LIGO: Neutron Star merger a total scam”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Bibhas. Apparently, the gamma rays were registered two seconds after the LIGO signal. The big question is, what did LIGO actually register? Was it a GW, or was it an electromagnetical impulse that either touched the instruments directly or indirectly e.g. via the power grid? It is also not surprising that LIGO could indicate the approximate direction of the signal, given it’s a geographically distributed system.

    If it was some sort of EM impulse, LIGO would have again been fooled by “noise correlation”, as the Danes have suspected all along, only in this case, it was astronomically meaningful “noise”.

    The question is, if it was an EM signal, why did other instruments independent of LIGO not also pick up the signal LIGO registered? Was it too weak? Or were they looking at the wrong place, while LIGO is sort of a “direction independent telescope”?

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