The LIGO project, when you rip away its mantle of noble scientific quest, appears to be a criminal defrauding of the United States Government and other governments, with possible elements of organized crime (see above) and criminal conspiracy (relating to the non-admission or cover up of the fraud, and the continuation of the fraudulent activities.)

The use of a legitimizing “cover” or “front” – namely, peer review, panel review etc – does not legitimize fraud. It simply expands the number of people involved in the commission of the fraud.

If you are looking for a comprehensive understanding of the scientific case of LIGO fraud, you can start with this blog site. Go back to my first LIGO post and read forward.

Then there is my LIGO book which you or your organization must purchase. I am not making this available for free because I want people’s threshold of interest to rise to a level to want to spend a few dollars. But I did not write this book to make money.

Both paperback and Kindle versions are now available:

PAPERBOOK (2nd edition, August 2017)

KINDLE (2nd edition, August 2017)

Please be aware that two editions are now available, and avoid any confusion.

Although the information in the first edition has now been added to, it will remain available. It is a dated document and as such has “probative” value.

The second edition front cover is marked as such at the top.


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