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Start viewing LIGO as criminal fraud

January 3, 2018

The history of cosmology is replete with efforts of individuals or small groups battling a mighty establishment. The most prominent “establishment” we have is Big Bang Cosmology – a totally bogus science built on fraudulent discoveries. No one – repeat no one – has made any headway against this mafialike syndicate that was sucking up all available resources and workspace and public exposure. The dissidents (like Hannes Alfvén, Fred Hoyle, Halton Arp…) used the gentlemanly language of polite discourse, and gained no ground whatsoever. They died with the knowledge that they were right but that no one was coming forward to help them.

If you are battling something, you have to know what it is. You have to start by calling it by its right name. The right names to consider today are criminal fraud and organized crime. The stark language of public accountability is needed. The very last thing we want here is polite discourse circumscribed by learned community rules.

This is because the syndicate hides behind a façade of correct procedure: peer review, grant review, prizes and accolades etc., the way the Mafia hid behind legitimate-sounding businesses. This whole façade today is a sham: The reviews etc are controlled by this very syndicate. We have seen this: The Physical Review Letters will publish any crap that comes from LIGO. The National Science Board backs LIGO funding decade after decade. If this Board is not packed with consummate morons, then it knows that LIGO is a fraud. It is a fool’s errand to try to fight this evil in the scientific arena. If you do that, you have already lost.

LIGO is a mafialike syndicate. Once you realize this, everything will fall in place for you. The only way to tackle this apocalyptic evil that has befallen the human society is through the laws of the land. We need Eliot Ness and the Untouchables.