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Fake Baba Kip goes to India

January 8, 2018

Kip Thorne is expected to be in Bangalore this week. On January 10, he will felicitate this year’s winners of the Infosys Prize. The winners will be shaking hands with him – all smiley smiley – and be recorded for posterity on videotape. I suppose that’s OK as long as the winners don’t mind a lifelong blight on their public images. They have each made that choice: US$100,000 to publicly shake hands with the greatest science fraud in history.

I once read a person lamenting: “My degree certificate is signed by Ken Lay. I have had bad luck ever since.”

After that, as soon as I could dig up my degree certificate to check whose signature was on it, I found it was

Ronald Reagan

So that was OK. And while at it, I can tell you that my thesis was signed by

Hannes Alfvén

So that was OK too. I am pretty much blight-free, I’d say. So I feel a little bad for the bright, up and coming folks who won the Infosys Prize. But, as I said, these are adults who made the conscious choice to aid and abet the grooming of a science fraud before the world, for a price. Doctor Faustus would approve. Whoever foisted Kip Thorne on them did not mean them well. Not at all.


On January 11, Kip Thorne will give a much-publicized lecture at the International Center for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore. It will be on gravitational wave discovery.

Thorne’s lecture will be a pack of lies from beginning to end. There has never been a detection of gravitational wave. Witness:

(1). Thorne’s theory calculations have been pointed out to be deceitful.

(2). I have proved his instrumentation to be a fraud.

(3). I have also proved that his interfacing of his theory and his experiment was an additional fraud.

Kip Thorne is a 100% authentic fraud that the Indian scientific community will be worshipping with great reverence. And why not? They worshipped exposed fraud Nobel Laureates John Mather, George Smoot, David Gross …

India has become a veritable colonial outpost for grooming sahib frauds.



January 8, 2018

LIGO Executive Director David Reitze is in India this week. He has created a huge media blitz there with his totally upbeat pronouncements of LIGO, emphasizing that an India LIGO is needed to better localize gravitational wave sources in the sky. This is utterly, patently and absurdly false physics. You cannot localize a source by having observatories that are closer than the wavelength, period. In fact, the station spacing has to be far greater than the wavelength.

But this blatantly irresponsible and reckless conduct on the part of one who is essentially representing the US officially, with international implications of his actions, again highlights the fact that LIGO is out of control. It has nothing to do with science at all. It never had.