The power of the LIGO Wehrmacht

The readers of this blog should always be mindful of the formidable force I am battling. Of course the other dissidents are doing their part, but I don’t know if they see themselves as battling anything. So I don’t want to speak for them.

You have seen how, in the space of mere two years, LIGO has rolled out discovery after grand discovery, bagged practically all the prizes and accolades there were to bag, and hogged the entire limelight in science. You have seen how, all across the world, the media reporters were jumping up and down like crazed orangutans in heat.

All this over science that is totally fraudulent if judged with science! LIGO is a fraud and I have offered complete scientific proof of this. Now, if they want to take me to court, I can prove it there as well.

Now I hear that a NOVA program is being rolled out all over the world – singing the paeans of LIGO! May be it will feature some Hoolock monkeys grooming one another.

Folks, stop and ponder what has happened to your world. A group of corrupt intellectuals – drunk out of gourd of power – are blatantly denaturing everything we value (scientific truth not the least). They are actually dominating the world the way no fictional James Bond archvillain could even dream of. And they are bringing their show right into your livingroom, to your children.

You must pause and ask yourself this: How has the world come to this pass where crooks can enter your home with their entourage and teach your children to become equal crooks? Who has allowed this to happen?

This is actually the greatest evil that is operating today worldwide. Has the media told anything about the evil nature of this? No.

This is because a rampantly corrupt media is an integral part of apocalyptic evil we are facing.

Now the following graphic about the Swedish Crown Princess is very significant. It is the very first public reaction of any kind from someone in prominent public life, with high standards of conduct and accountability. I would like to have seen such a public stance from the scientific intelligentsia. But absolutely no one has spoken. Moral cowardice and intellectual corruption are endemic among them. So I am grateful for the Crown Princess. The world should be grateful too. She exudes not only grace but also good.


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