The entrenching of LIGO: Deep, fast, firm

If you have been observant, you would have noticed that there was something unprecedented about the LIGO discovery. People moved with great dispatch on all fronts to entrench the discovery – as if out of some fear that something might outrun them.

The prizes galore: A couple of the high profile prizes even waived their hard-and-fast nomination deadline to make the award to LIGO. What was the hurry? What difference would a year have made?

Many heroizing books were published within a very short time.

NOVA’s LIGO program Black Hole Apocalypse seems to have been fast-tracked.

The Nobel Prize has never been awarded faster. In 2016 a Swedish newspaper reported that a Nobel Prize-connected person had said (about the prospect of LIGO Nobel Prize) that it takes years or decades for them to recognize a discovery. This is because they want to make sure they don’t make any hasty errors, and the discovery stands the test of time. So why this unseemly haste?

Soon there will be (if it is not already done) permanent LIGO exhibits in the Nobel Museum. Soon the names of the LIGO Laureates will be carved in granite on the Nobel Monument.

The public outreach of LIGO is unprecedented for a scientific project. It proceeds vigorously on every outreach avenue there is today. These programs are run by scientific researchers who would put the Madison Avenue advertising experts to shame.

You know what I’m sayin’? They have hijacked your civilization in broad daylight, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Or can you?


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