Great cases of the Scotl… er… Scamland Yard

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and Great cases of the Scotland Yard contain some of the classic mysteries. The following books contain their space age counterpart.

The formidable classic villains like Professor Moriarty or Dr. Fu Manchu have got nothing on our space age villains! Be afraid – very afraid!

Folks, there are now available two free public education eBooks (Not really! They are just pdf files.). These are essentially organized collections of graphics from this blog site. Clicking on the image will download the book.

NASA fraud, big bang fraud, big bang black body fraud, cosmic blac kbody fraud, john mather fraud, cobe satellite fraud, wmap fraud, planck satellite fraud, nobel prize physics 2006

Click on the image to download pdf file (12.3 MB, 89 pages; new 8 March 2018)

LIGO fraud, kip thorne fraud, rainer weiss fraud, mit fraud, caltech fraud, nobel prize physics 2017

Click on the image to download pdf file (18 MB, 188 pages; updated 8 March 2018)


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