PHYSICSVILLE: A burial of the undead

Folks, if you think that LIGO dissidence is having some impact on the Physics Nobel Prize organization, then you are expecting noble qualities where there is none. The Chairman of the 2018 Physics Nobel Prize Committee, Uppsala University physics professor Olga Botner, has just issued a reaffirmation of the LIGO discovery on 11 July 2018:

“We have not identified neutrinos in connection with gravitational-wave events, yet,” Olga Botner, an astrophysicist and former spokesperson for the IceCube experiment, said during yesterday’s news conference. “But we believe this is a discovery waiting for us just around the corner.”

This is a clear timely statement that the LIGO discovery is a settled matter. It will stand as such in perpetuity, regardless of its fraudulent nature. A scientific instrument that is a cross between a Rube Goldberg Machine and a dowsing rod makes a discovery, and the Nobel blesses it, and that’s that! There’s nothing you and I can do about it.

Last year, Botner was on the Nobel Prize Committee that made the LIGO award. In 2011, Botner was on another Committee that made the award of the Nobel Prize for the accelerating universe/dark energy scam. So it would appear that she is a continuing force behind the Physics Nobel corruption. Curiously, Botner is not a Swede. She is a Polish-born Dane who is making her mark on a time-honored Swedish institution.

We therefore need to find some other way to bury the accumulated and rotting Nobel undead – for the sake of our civilization and our posterity.

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