LIGO dissidence: Taking stock

It seems that, starting with the award of the LIGO Nobel Prize in 2017, all dissident activities have come to a stop. It seems that I am the only one keeping the cause alive. And not a single voice from within the scientific establishment has arisen against the LIGO fraud.

But is there any point in my continuing? You have just seen that NSF funds for the Ligonauts are coming out the wazoo. It does not look like we have gained any traction at all. The Ligonauts are still talking big, talking high, talking tall and talking pretty. So they all are continuing merrily on their way. As to my activities, all they have to do is wait me out. They have staying power, I don’t.

Someone once told me this: You want to do good to the world. But the world may not want good done to it.

Now I see much wisdom in that. When doing the right thing turns out to be one of the most difficult things, it is time to take stock.

The Nobel Prize prediction company is out with their 2018 predictions, and a cosmology prize for dark matter is on the list.

So it is all dark all around. While I don’t have any information, I still like to think that there is just one tiny candle still flickering:

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